Managers Corner

Thoughts from Ron Nuss the manager

Nov 19, 2018 267 Views FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle Plus

RWD #3 will utilize this website to keep our customers informed of the RWD #3 activities. There is a specific purpose and place for radio announcements such as boil orders and individual letters addressed to each customer but the cost of  mailing does not justify the expense when we can utilize our own personal webpage to put out general customer information. 

Keep your account information current. That means, current mailing address, email address, home phone and cell phone numbers. 

Save this website as one of your favorites and visit it frequently. Cruise the website, click on each link and get familiar with the content on this webpage. 

If you are a twitter user please follow us @russellrwd3 

Meter Pit Damages: Who is responsible?

Nov 28, 2018 144 Views FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle Plus

During the course of the year, a few customers will have a meter pit replaced due to damage caused by negligence. The most common is cattle pushing the meter pit lid off and stepping in the meter pit, bending the riser. 

RWD #3 will bill the customer for the damage as outlined on page 21 of the RWD BYLAWS and R&R......"Consumer's Responsibility The Consumer shall be responsible for any damage to service equipment installed by the District for his service, on account of any cause other than normal wear and tear."

The RWD BYLAWS and R&R are available here /Portals/russell3/documents/CustomerService/BY-LAWS.pdf again refer to page 21

The best solution to prevent meter pit damage and receiving a bill from the RWD for the repairs is to erect a simple barricade around the meter pit. Keep in the mind that the barricade must allow easy access to the meter pit for customer readings and audit readings from RWD personnel.