RWD#3 is a "self read" district. That means you, the customer, read your meter each month and complete the coupon with water used and applicable charges and credit. We do offer meter reading services for $20 per month, and we will send a monthly bill to the customer. 

  1. In order to pay your bill, the customer will need a coupon book supplied by the RWD#3 office. 
  2. Current meter reading: If you do not understand how to read a meter refer to this link for assistance
    1. Mail the "completed coupon" with payment using the self addressed envelope provided with your coupon book.
    2. Drop payment off in the blue mailbox located outside our office. Do not put cash in our blue mailbox. Do not use the postal mailbox at our office. Do not leave payments with our employees at their residence or with spouses or BOD members of the water district.
    3. Walk in "drop off" during our office hours.
  3. We accept cash,checks,money orders. We do not accept credit/debit cards at this time but will be in the future.
  4. If you pay your water bill using echeck, please send us an email with the following information:
    1. Name, account number, meter reading and date. Annotating gallons used on the "memo" section of an echeck does not suffice. Without this info we have to dispatch and read the meter onsite and charge the customer $20.00. Mail meter readings to or call the office
  5. Online payment services are avalibile as well