2018/19 Rate Chart


All fees and charges are explained on the front cover of the customer coupon book.

Water: $9.00 per thousand of use
Debt Fee: $40.00 regardless of water used or no water use.  This fee is included into the water rate chart, but if you are a customer who is billed directly from the office, then water use and debt fee charges are separate line items on the billing statement. 
ShOReadFee: $25.00 Another term for this is LATE READ FEE but the billing software calls it ShOReadFee. This fee is charged to the customer when RWD#3 personnel have to read the customers meter due to a late monthly payment. Payments after the 15th are considered late, but we do allow for postal mark and delivery time. If your payment is not postmarked the 15th, it is considered late and a $25 fee will be assessed.
Reg. Reads: $20.00 This fee is for customers who want RWD #3 to read their meter for them as a convenience vs. self read. Sometimes a customer will see a fee for $15.00 which is a text fee. This text fee is annotated in the Reg. Reads billing field.
Text Fee: $15.00 The text fee is annotated in the Reg. Reads billing field.
Reconnect Fee: $50.00 If a customer meter is locked up due to non-payment, $50.00 is charged to the customer to unlock the meter.
WPF: Water Protection Fee. $0.032 (3.2cents) per thousand of water use. This fee is charged due to state law. https://www.ksrevenue.org/bustaxtypeswater.html
Sales Tax: Commercial accounts are charged sales tax but regular customers are not charged sales tax.

Additional Fees:
Incorrect/No meter reading on customer coupon: $20.00 This fee will be recorded in the Reg. Reads.
Replace Meter Coupon Book: $5.00

All fees assessed except for the WPF support the RWD #3 O&M (operations and maintenance) expenses.