Distribution Operator Corner

Rants from the operator :)

Winter has arrived early...meters and the setter will freeze in the meter pit if lids are not installed correctly and/or foam pads not installed correctly. Please ensure meter pit lids are installed correctly and foam pads are inserted correctly. If you need a foam pad let us know and we will install the foam pad or stop by the office and pick one up.

To the farmers and ranchers with meter pits. The valve on the meter setter is designed specifically to be fully "ON" or fully "CLOSED", not "PARTIALLY" open. Numerous times during the year I find valves on pasture meters where the valve is partially open. That water flow is doing nothing but "washing out" the valve. When the time comes for you to close the valve, it will leak, and you the customer are going to pay for that leak regardless of the position of that valve. Wear and tear of that valve was induced by you the customer. Bottom line is this. Open the valve completly, do not pinch/squeeze the valve down. If you are doing that to reduce flow due to a tank waterer then purchase a "Globe valve" which is designed specifically to reduce/throttle back water volume. 

Fix your leaks. I understand the debate....."why should I fix my leak if I am paying for it."  That is a poor water conservation practice and poor money management. Our water is not infinite. It is finite. Remember, the "paid for leak" is just one out of many customers in the district. We have a customer that is leaking 85,000 gallons per year which is a 0.16gpm leak which is viewed as a "small leak" by the customer but at the end of the year it is huge loss in water for us as a district and a chunk of money for the customer. Due to allocations, that water could be utilized for a brand new customer vs. going in the ground and flowing into the creek. Something to ponder when debating whether or not to fix a leak.

Here is a great website with tutorials and videos for leak detection http://www.smarthomewaterguide.org/

Also, a newsletter that covers this topic /News How to find and fix leaks that are draining your budget.